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Four Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Dried Chicken

In an emergency scenario such as a devastating earthquake or flush flood, access to safe and nutritious food is a predictor of whether you will survive or not. If you do not have food or store fresh ones that grow mold in a couple of weeks or months, you might not be as lucky as individuals who store dried chicken, vegetables, and other sources of carbohydrates and vitamins. Although freeze-dried foods are palatable and readily available in offline and in online stores, never make the mistake of buying the cheapest in the market or the first brand that you identify via an advertisement. Keep the foregoing attributes in mind, to increase your chances of buying the best chicken:

Nutritional Value

What is the nutritional value of the dried chicken that you are contemplating buying? While it is tempting to choose the largest or cheapest option when buying chicken, make sure that the pack you are buying has a high nutritional content, to get value for your money. Instead of relying solely on the nutritional content printed on the package, also look at the following attributes, to know whether you are getting the best deal or not: First, which type of chicken is on offer? Different species of chicken have different nutritional values. The type of feed and rearing techniques used can also affect the quality of meat. Look at the company’s portfolio and ascertain whether it is using ethical and agriculturally sound techniques, during chicken production. Finally, which technique does the company you are contemplating buying from use to dry chicken? Normally, freeze-dried chicken are nutritionally richer than sun or oven-dried ones.

Shelf Life

Apart from its nutritional value, check the shelf life of the chicken you want to buy, before reaching for your wallet. Dried chicken last for several weeks or months and at times years depending on: 1) Preservation technique: Ordinarily, freeze-dried foods tend to last longer than those prepared by other techniques. The freezing process not only eliminates over 98% of the food’s water content, but also prevents growth of food-spoiling bacteria that lower shelf life. 2) Storage technique: How is the dried chicken pack that you want to buy stored? Buy chicken sealed in leak-proof plastic bags or cans, if you want to store it for many months. However, if you want chicken that you will consume in a couple of days or weeks during your camping trip, buying those stored in airtight plastic wrappers or leak-proof paper packs are a good decision.


What volume of chicken do you want to buy or store? Although it sounds wise to buy big packs of chicken, choose smaller packages that you can carry easily in the event of a disaster. Moreover, once you accessed the contents of a big storage package, the risk of compromising the quality and longevity of the remaining dried chicken is high. This is equivalent to wastage. Light packages are also good for outdoor adventures.


One of the worst mistakes you can make when buying dried foods is to choose a package that is difficult to prepare once you are ready to eat. You should be able to reconstitute and cook your food easily, not starve because of its complicated process.